Strugglers and Jugglers ęDavid R. Field 2001

   Strugglers and jugglers survive
   When nobody else is alive
   Whether most well-intentioned or black-hearted knave,
   If there's nothing to fight for, there's nothing to save,
   But strugglers and jugglers survive.

There's a smell of destruction that hangs in the air;
There's a sense of foreboding returning my stare.
Be it caused by the gods, be it made by our hands,
There are forces awaiting to smite all the lands. But 


The doom descends quickly, its vast envelope
Clutches all who'll receive it, extinguishing hope.
And the leaders seek saviours, the one who is wise, 
But the search is in vain, for there's none to arise. Yet 


To learn from the future, you study the past.
To define what's successful, you must find what will last.
Be it shiny inventions, or conventions of man, 
If it's not worth the effort, it's not worth a damn.

Yes, it's strugglers and jugglers who survive
When nobody else is alive.
Whether most well intentioned, or black-hearted knave,
If he just sat and listened, then he went to his grave
While the strugglers and jugglers survived.