Landslides Are My Nightmare ęDavid R. Field 2001

   Landslides are my nightmare, erosion never sleeps. 
   All the earth is slipping, watch it while it creeps.
   Sometimes it is furtive, stealthy, cunning, sly
   'Til someone winds it up and lets it fly.

Sittin' on a freeway outside San Jose
Lines for twenty miles going either way.
Some folks try to hurry, some content to wait,
Some rush by beginning to disintegrate.

Jack and Jill were married nigh on twenty years.
Spent time watching neighbors live out their worst fears.
Transfers and divorces, no one standing still.
Jack wakes every morning glancing up that hill. And he says 



Just can't seem to wander, still can't seem to stay.
Black is white but often everything is gray.
Murky and elusive, the picture starts to shift
'Til I find I'm left behind, alone to drift.

Landslides are my nightmare, erosion never sleeps.