ROGUE RIVER WALTZ (released 2003)

This CD is a collection of songs and instrumentals composed by David R. Field, and is his first recording. Field sings and plays guitar accompanied by Joe Craven, Michael Manring, Charlie Wallace, Dennis English, Todd Sallo, Lisa Burns, Daniel "Mig" McLaughlin, and Russell Ives.

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Information about Rogue River Waltz
Track # Song NameListen LyricsNotes
1 Song for Icarus
2 Rogue River Waltz
3 A Timely Blues
4 Fantasia
5 Oh Catherine
6 Entertainer
7 In My Mind
8 Happy Birthday to Me
9 Strugglers and Jugglers
10 The Girl with Chestnut Brown Hair
11 Landslides Are my Nightmare
12 Evangeline
13 You Know I'm Going Nowhere